BEST Shakespeare Audio App

It’s the best Shakespeare Audio App because it is a complete AUDIO pronunciation dictionary for all the words in Shakespeare’s plays, including Latin words and phrases. Contains over 5000 words!

In this easy to use app, each word is respelled and has a pronunciation guide which is simple to follow.

The app also has sections on how the verse structure influences pronunciation, and suggestions for the accents and dialects that are used in the plays. It includes character names, place names, as well as any unusual words.

The app helps an actor, director, teacher or student or anyone who loves to read Shakespeare, to get quick access to the pronunciations of the words in Shakespeare’s plays.

The Best Shakespeare Audio App

In the past, a lot of time spent researching various dictionaries. Or also, asking fellow actors or the director how to pronounce a word. Now the actor can click on a word to hear it pronounced.

Additionally, you can see the word respelled in an easy to follow respelling system.

For example, the character in “The Winter’s Tale”, “Hermione” is respelled her-MEYE-uh-nee.

There is a Key to Pronunciation at the bottom of every word. By clicking on it you can see the key of words for the vowels and consonants.

In addition the words have a “scans to” for the examples when the word’s stress changes depending on the iambic pentameter line.

For “Hermione” the scans to example is “scans to her-MEYE-nee e.g. @ WT V, 3, 28”.

These examples have the act, scene and line number (based on the Pelican edition’s line numbering) so that the actor/director/student can check the example.

Why is this the best Shakespeare Audio App?

The actor has the words right at her/his fingertips. This is very different than carrying around a book or books to check the pronunciation of words. Which is what actors had to do in the past.

This an invaluable tool both in the rehearsal studio and in the classroom. The research for these words was done for the book “All the Words on Stage, A Complete Pronunciation Dictionary for the plays of William Shakespeare”.

Audio Shakespeare Pronunciation App

The BEST Shakespeare Audio App is  available for download on iPhone or Android.

best Shakespeare Audio App

best Shakespeare Audio App